Meghan Markle joins the wedding ceremony for Christmas


Update News: Meghan Markle joins the wedding ceremony for Christmas

Prince Harry’s fiancée, Meghan Markle, joined the Royal Family at Christmas at Norfolk’s mansion.

The couple went to a Carol service at the Church of St Mary Magdalene in Sandringham along with the Duke and Duke of Cambridge.
The Queen returned after losing her last year due to a cold.
Prince Philip, Charles and Princess of Cornwall also attended, along with other family members.
After serving, Markle joined the family members welcoming the crowd – some people had been waiting outside since 05:00 GMT.

EN 300 250 - Meghan Markle joins the wedding ceremony for Christmas

If the royal tradition from the preceding years is followed, the family will exchange the presents on Christmas Eve and wake the apples and small fruits at the bottom of their bed.
The Queen and Queen Phillip also attended the first sacrament meeting at the church.
They will return home to eat traditional turkey lunch, before watching the Queen’s speech together.

This year, the Queen will honor London and Manchester on how they deal with terrorist attacks this year as well as praising the Duke of Edinburgh for his support in the 70th wedding anniversary of the pair.

EN 300 250 - Meghan Markle joins the wedding ceremony for Christmas

Meghan Markle arrives at the church on Sandringham Estate who has seen the royal family in the future.
She walks in the heart of her new family between her fiancée Prince Harry and the Duke and Princess of Cambridge.
She smiled at the crowd, in some places, up to five times, some of whom lined up at 2.40 in the morning to celebrate the royal Christmas.
As they leave the church, Meghan and Harry go to a few women who have been waiting.
Meghan smiled as Prince Harry complimented them on Christmassy’s gray clothes and told them that the royal children were very excited, it was hard to keep them under control.
The Americans in particular were thrilled to see her, many of whom first made their journey from the base at Mildenhall and Lakenheath.

EN 300 250 - Meghan Markle joins the wedding ceremony for Christmas

A crowd of about 200 people are waiting for their families early in the morning.
Some American LAF from Lakenheath nearby have made the journey to see their new additions and families.
Lindsey Wells, from Nebraska, says the “intriguing” and “interesting” Markle got married to the royal family, and she wanted to see them in person.

For a couple from Texas, waiting outside the church has special meaning. Michael Metz recommends Ashley Millican’s girlfriend – and she accepts.
Millican told the Press Association: “I do not know, I’m definitely surprised, I never thought he would ask me just before we first saw the Royal Family!”
Mr. Metz added: “It’s hard to keep secrets because I’m so happy, it’s memories to cherish forever.”

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