NORAD follows Santa’s Christmas around the world

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Updates: NORAD follows Santa’s Christmas around the world

According to the US military, this is Santa Claus.

North American space guard begins tracking Santa on Sunday as he performs a Christmas marathon night running around the globe.

And anyone who gets an Amazon Echo at the end of this year can ask Alexa where in the world is the old Stollo.

This is the first time that voice-activated family devices have been paired with NORAD‘s tracking features, using defensive technology to track Santa in 62 years.

EN 300 250 - NORAD follows Santa's Christmas around the world

According to the agency, approximately 1,500 volunteers will work on the phone and respond to emails at NORAD headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Santa’s trip around the world began on Christmas Eve in the Pacific, where he sent millions of gifts to eastern Russia, the Mariana Islands and Australia.

NORAD – operated by the United States and Canada – often protects the North American sky, but once a year it changes technology to Santa Claus when he gives gifts to good boys and girls.

And a lot of people follow up on social media. The service has 1.8 million views on Facebook, 382,000 views on YouTube, and 177,000 on Twitter.

Despite the high tech methods to track Santa, NORAD still received nearly 154,200 calls last year asking about his location and his nine reindeer.

EN 300 250 - NORAD follows Santa's Christmas around the world

The agency’s famous tracking system began inadvertently in 1955.

Sears mistook the phone number for its predecessor, the United States Space Command, or CONAD, to call Santa’s position.

Admiral Harry Shoup, who led the operations center and died in 2009, made the first call and decided to expand it.

Shoup told The Associated Press in 1999. “The team looked at me like I lost it.”

NORAD started making calls in the 1980s and still doing at 877-446-6723 (or 877-Hi-NORAD). But now it also answers the location requests by email at

It started using social media in the late 2000s, including tracking via Instagram last year.

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