Trump wishes peace after a week of Twitter Needling


Update News: Trump wishes peace after a week of Twitter Needling

President Donald Trump‘s Christmas greetings include a peaceful United States, he said, while making phone calls from children tracking Santa‘s skiing trips despite the social- President’s proposed alternative media.

“I think we want peace. What do you think? Peace to the country,” Trump said to a boy. “We have prosperity. Now we want peace,” the president said, taking the children’s call from Mar-a-Lago’s gilded living room, Palm Beach Club and Beach, Florida.

EN 300 250 - Trump wishes peace after a week of Twitter Needling

The boy told the president that his Christmas wish was for his ill grandmother to come home from the hospital. Trump answered, before sharing his ambitious desire.

President and First Lady Melanie Trump has spent some time answering calls from children to Santa Tracker by the Department of Defense of North America, or NORAD, according to the Christmas tradition of new couples. other recent.

Mr. Trumpian promised the youth: “You will wake up and have the best gift.” Another man, Trump, said: “I will make sure that Santa Claus will treat you well, the best he ever treats you.”

EN 300 250 - Trump wishes peace after a week of Twitter Needling

Earlier, the president held a phone call with members of the US military based in Kuwait, Qatar, the Hormuz Strait and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He also played golf at his course in West Palm Beach, White House officials confirmed.

Trump, 71, of nine grandchildren, told a child that he also liked to play with architectural blocks – perhaps a reference to his career as a developer. real estate. Trump’s public voice, via Twitter, has become the opposition this holiday season.

Trump has posted some important articles by FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who is expected to retire early in 2018 after being involved in debates involving his wife receiving campaign contributions. from Virginia’s Democratic Governor, Terry McAuliffe, a longtime ally of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

EN 300 250 - Trump wishes peace after a week of Twitter Needling

He also tweeted Sunday’s review of “Fake News,” shortly after wanting journalists to include him this weekend “for a great holiday and a great Christmas.”

The president was lured by postponing a photo posted by Twitter user “oregon4TRUMP”. The photo depicts Trump in a limousine with what appears to be a crushed patch bearing the CNN logo on his shoes.

In September, Trump stabbed, and then deleted, an animated depiction of a “Trump train” locomotive running on a CNN reporter. And in July, Trump tweeted his video during which he wrestled a man in a matching face that was replaced by a CNN logo.

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