Update News: Tunisia stops all Emirates flights


Tunisian women are no longer allowed to travel to the United Arab Emirates. Why? Not clear. The reaction of the government in Tunis is clear at any rate.

The Tunisian Ministry of Transport has suspended all airline Emirates flights to and from Tunisia until further notice. The reason for this is that the airline refused Tunisians to move to the United Arab Emirates.

The measure applies until the airline has found “a reasonable solution” to the problem, the Tunisian Ministry of Transport said. According to a Emirates spokesman, all flights between Tunis and Dubai will be suspended from Monday.

EN 300 250 - Update News: Tunisia stops all Emirates flights

According to several female Tunisian passengers, the crew denied their entry into Emirates aircraft since Friday. One reason the airline did not name, it simply said, customers with a Tunisian passport should not enter the United Arab Emirates – even for transfer flights.

EN 300 250 - Update News: Tunisia stops all Emirates flights

After fierce protests, the authorities in Dubai spoke of “security issues” that made such a “provisional” measure necessary.

In Tunisia, the exclusion caused outrage in the social networks, several non-governmental organizations spoke of a “discriminatory decision”, which violates the dignity and rights of the women affected.

Since the Tunisian revolution in 2011, relations between Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates have deteriorated significantly.

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